Storing Hops: What Are the Best Practices?

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Whether you are a small brewery business owner or a beer-brewing enthusiast, you know too well that the quality of every beer product depends on the freshness of the hops. The proper storage of your hops is of utmost importance here, especially if you always buy in bulk. If you fail to store them properly, this will be reflected in the taste of the beer and its potency.

Maybe you are quite secure with how you keep your hops, but it would help if you reconsider some things. And now maybe the right time to look again at your methods of storing these products, especially if you are relatively a novice in the field of beer brewing and hops care. Whether you have just bought hallertau hops for sale or you have an existing stash in your brewery, here are the key things that you should take into account.

Block the oxygen

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Among the factors that damage hops is oxygen. This is because oxygen affects the quality of the oils in hops — these oils are what make hops flavorful and aromatic. When hops are exposed to oxygen, their bitterness will also be affected. This is due to the breaking down of the specific acids in the hops that actually deliver the bitter flavor. Keeping your hops in airtight containers is one of the easiest ways to store them.

Keep them in vacuum storage

If you want to up your storage method, you might want to consider going for the vacuum method. You can pick vacuum bags that will contain the hops. That way, oxygen will not get into them. If you have opened the packaged and want to keep the rest, meanwhile, it is a must that you keep them in an airtight container. However, it is advised that you use the hops as soon as possible.

Keep them cold

cold beers ready for shotAnother important thing that you need to keep in mind is that your hops should be kept cold. This method works best when you keep your hops in a vacuum-sealed container and then, toss them into the refrigerator. Freezing the hops can easily prolong their life by more than four times.

Do not let light reach them

Fight the urge to use your hops as a display in your brewery. This is because light can easily age the hops, and when that happens, the quality will be compromised. It is always a wise move to keep your hops in cool, dark areas, such as refrigerators.

Before a pint of refreshing beer comes to life, it is just hops. If you want to have high-quality beer products and similar beverages, you should know how to take proper care of hops. You may have a solid idea of how to take care of these hops, but it is also worth considering if your methods are effective. Nevertheless, it is not always too late to revise the ways you store your hops. You can also seek the advice of an experienced brewer.

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